Where the Pacific Ocean meets the Indian Ocean, plankton-rich currents originate
that attract almost every imaginable form of marine life..

  • Flores Diving Centre (FDC) was born in March 2013, thanks to the initiative of four diving instructors.

    A friendly and dynamic dive centre, FDC is located on the main street of Labuan Bajo, a small fishing village on the west coast of the island of Flores facing the Komodo National Park.

    We offer an attentive and personalized service, with fast & comfortable boats and quality Mares equipment.

    We are all diving enthusiasts with a keen interest in marine biology and we look forward to taking you to the most beautiful dive sites in the region.

    Our staff is competent and friendly and there will be no communication problems since we speak English, Indonesian, Italian, Spanish, French and Portuguese. Not that it matters much under water!..

    It’s more fun with Flores Diving Centre!