It takes only one hour and a half by plane to reach Flores from Bali but you will feel as if you have just travelled a much longer way. Flores is still wild and unspoiled, specially when compared to its more touristic sister Bali, and there is still so much to discover here.

32352_601974203148534_1472494842_nFirst, the natural treasures: waterfalls, rice paddies, forest-clad mountains, pristine beaches and amazing blue water. You can trek to the summit of Mt Kelimutu and reach the three lakes at the top, each one periodically changing its colour all the way from bright red to dark green and blue. Or you can swim in the secluded bays of Riung wondering if you just found the ‘lost paradise’, and then take a stroll around to admire the beautiful and ubiquitous flowers that give the island its name. But hey, do keep an eye on the path ahead.. just in case you may stumble into a Komodo dragon!

Next is the culture: the traditional villages around Bajawa have been declared a world cultural heritage site by Unesco. Six different languages are still spoken on the island as ancient traditions and distinct cultural traits are kept alive in all districts. Catholicism is the main religion in Flores, due to centuries of Dominican missionary activity throughout the island.

So grab a backpack, rent a car or a motorbike and start exploring. You could spend weeks wandering around, perhaps getting lost but certainly not bored!