The big family of Flores Diving Centre – part 1 – JOHN

Let’s start to introduce ourselves!

This is John.

He started to work with Flores Diving Centre one year ago, when we were still a small small family. I remember that he came into the shop with his sister, who made an official introduction. His first job was as “equipment man”, packing and cleaning the equipment of all our divers. When we started to have more and more guests he became the supervisor ot the “equipment people” and then….he decided to try the job of secretary!

His English improved a lot and now he is officialy one of the pillars of the office of Flores Diving Centre. With his patience and his diplomacy he always keeps the mood relaxed even if the office is packed and we are running right and left.

Curiosity: he loves big and shining rings and he will become soon a dad! We are looking forward to organize a big party for the event!