What it is

Our Eco-diving program is a not-for-profit initiative that aims at doing something good for the environment while diving at one of the world’s best destinations. It is not a ‘cheap’ way to dive in Komodo but an opportunity for divers to give something back to this precious and sensitive environment, which is under ever-increasing pressure also due to the fast-growing number of visitors.

What we do

With the Eco-diving you go out for a clean-up dive at a nearby location and after that, you head off for two fun dives at two different dive sites outside the National Park. For the clean-up dive, we group divers into buddy pairs. Each pair gets a collection bag and protective gloves for picking up the trash. Our Divemasters supervise the clean-up, which ends after 30 minutes or when the bag is either full or too heavy. We leave before 8 am and return around 4 pm.

The price of the Eco-diving is 850,000 IDR per person and includes tourist fees, dive gear (except computer), collection bag and gloves. We also serve a small breakfast and lunch on board, as well as water, snacks, tea & coffee throughout the day.


Due to its not-for-profit nature, we need a minimum of 4 participants to organize an Eco-diving trip. The maximum number of participants is also limited to 6-8 to ensure proper supervision. You need to be a certified diver with at least 10 dives experience in order to participate. Non-divers/snorkelers may be allowed to join provided the designed clean-up location is suitable for surface clean-ups as well.

Since we need a minimum number of participants the Eco-diving cannot be pre-booked unless you already are in a pre-formed group of 4-6 people. You can, however, let us know that you are interested once you arrive in Laban Bajo and we will organize the clean-up as soon as we reach the required number of participants.

Every single action counts. Remember: with every Eco-dive the Ocean is getting a little bit cleaner! 🙂