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From the diary of Valerie Taylor and her husband Ron, underwater filmmakers, who dived the Komodo National Park in 1973.

3 November 1973
“Today Ron and myself found the richest and most colourful reef area we have ever seen. Every available space on both rock and coral supported some sort of life. The fish were so thick we could barely see through them. Damsel, Angels, Butterflies, Surgeons, well, everything milling around in a kaleidoscope of movement and colour. What we found even more amazing was that the fish, possibly because they had never seen divers, were unafraid. They swarmed around us. I had never had so many wonderful photographic subjects before. There were static animals, sponges, corals, anemones and a hundred other creatures, many of species I had only seen in books. I shot seven rolls of film in 3 hours. It was the most exciting diving. We have only scratched the surface of what this place has to offer. I must come back.”

(“Flores: diving around Komodo”, Stephanie Heighes, Swiss contact – Seco 2011)

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