SPECIAL PROMOTION: 20% Discount + Open Booking Policy on all Day-Trip Packages, for all bookings made before 31 December 2021. Hit the Book Now button and claim your 20% discount! You will be able to change your booking details at any time and reschedule your diving on any date until 30 September 2022. Note: To be eligible for this promotion a 20% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking confirmation. Please also note that this promotion does not apply to Dive Courses.



1 Day-Trip (3 dives): 2,250,000 -20%

2 Day-Trip (6 dives): 4,250,000 -20%

3 Day-Trip (9 dives): 6,000,000 -20%

2 dives + dragon trek: 2,250,000 -20%

Snorkeling: 950,000 -20%

Snorkeling + dragon trek: 1,450,000 -20%


Open Water Diver (3 days, minimum 2 participants): 5,950,000

Advanced OW Diver (2 days): 5,500,000

Emergency 1st Aid (1 day): 2,500,000

Rescue Diver (3 days): 5,950,000

Divemaster (4 weeks): 22,500,000 + equipment and membership fees

Discover Scuba Experience (DSE) 2 dives (1 day): 2,250,000 (extra dive: + 300,000)

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National Park Entrance & Tourist Fee 1: 200,000 (Monday to Saturday) or 275,000 (Sunday and public holidays) per person per day.
National Park Diving & Tourist Fee (includes Entrance Fee) 2: 275,000 (Monday to Saturday) or 350,000 (Sunday and public holidays) per person per day.
National Park Snorkeling & Tourist Fee (includes Entrance Fee): 215,000 (Monday to Saturday) or 290,000 (Sunday and public holidays) per person per day.
Trekking Fee: 135,000 per person per day (to be added to Diving or Snorkeling Fee).
1 The Park Entrance Fee allows the use of cameras and video-cameras inside the Park area.
2 The minimum number of dives on the Day Trip is two. Even if you only do one dive inside the Park you still need to pay the full Park Diving Fee.