The boat

MV Empress is a unique steel vessel with an impressive track record of sea exploration and shipwreck discovery throughout the years. It has taken part in many environmental projects, during which more than 350 stations for boat anchoring were installed. The experience of the Crew is unsurpassed and it is per se a guarantee of competence and safety.



Empress is designed to work in all weather conditions and its equipment and construction ensure comfortable stay during even very long cruises. The boat is equipped with many unusual devices that make diving and living on board more comfortable and safe:

– ColtriSub compressors mounted below deck to lessen the noise.
– Two fast inflatable boats for scuttling divers to and from dive sites.
– Safety stop bars under the boat and oxygen support with long hoses (tec diving).
– A 2,500 lt water maker to guarantee constant supply of fresh water.
– Water filter that enables people to drink tap water and avoid using plastic bottles.
– Solar panels that supply plenty of power and allow minimal use of noisy and polluting generators.
– An electric lift (yes!) with a capacity of 300 Kg that makes water exits as quick and easy as they can get.
– Autopilot connected to GPS, rudder and motors, underwater radar and 3D side sonar, enabling the vessel to determine precisely the position of a diver at all times.